There was nothing wrong with my previous logo – other than that I liked it, but didn’t love it.

It’s not always easy being a man in the wedding industry.  As I kept an eye out for logo designers that appealed to me, they all had a very feminine look… which wouldn’t really fit me that well.  (I mean, I’m a little bit feminine, but not flowers-around-my-name feminine!)  But the other side of the coin were very robotic logos and designs, that did the job but didn’t have any real character to them.

I searched for months for a designer who had the look I was going for, and was about to give up when I found Roxy Prima on Instagram.  Right away, I loved her work.  All of it, not just the logo design, but her style and creativity in everything she did convinced me very quickly that she was the one.  So, we connected and Roxy started to work her magic. Roxy does all her work by hand and then digitizes it, with phenomenal results.


It says everything about Roxy’s ability to understand what her clients are looking for – even when she gets terribly vague information from them (specifically, from me!) – that in her first drafts that she sent me I found the exact look I wanted.  Roxy added some color and more brilliance, and it was done – she’s a genius.

As you’ll see below, Roxy’s talents don’t end with logo design – she makes absolutely STUNNING wedding invitations too!


Oh, and if you’re expecting some tiny people in your live in the near future, she also does superb baby announcements… seriously, she’s so talented!


I’ll leave a little more of her work below, but you should seriously check out her amazing creations… she even sells customized prints.

(And if you’re on Instagram, DEFINITELY follow her there –

Thanks for your brilliant work and patient disposition, Roxy!