About Me

I’m Jon.


Why do I photograph people?  That’s easy.  For various reasons, I’ve only got about 15 photos of me growing up, and I treasure each of them.  I wish I had thousands of them.  When I’m at a wedding and they run a slideshow of images of the bride and groom when they were kids, I get a lump in my throat, without fail.  Those fleeting moments, captured forever, bring back memories to those who were involved and show a tiny insight into someone’s life to everyone else.  Those photos often give you goosebumps, as you know you’re looking at a second in history that was special and magical to that person.  I’ve always known I want to create those photographs for people, so they can share them with their children and grandchildren, and so they can relive those moments again and again like they were back in that moment.

Why do I photograph weddings?  They’re amazing.  There are so many moments when you know you’re in the presence of something special and it makes you grin like a kid and feel lucky to be alive.  In some ways weddings are very orchestrated – they typically follow the same outline, the same timeline – and you think you know what’s going to happen.  But really, you know nothing.  Each couple brings their own personality, their own hearts to the wedding day, and there are so many moments that are unique to them.  I love being able to capture those moments for them. I’m a hopeless romantic.  Hopeless.  I want to make a movie out of your life, but in picture form because you can’t hang movies on walls. (Yet.)

And before I go, there’s this:  Pinterest is fun, wedding blogs are inspirational, flowers are pretty.  But don’t let anyone or anything convince you that your wedding needs to ‘live up’ to those photos, to those details.  Wedding details are gorgeous, and they’re fun to photograph, and people love the pretty photos – but when I leave a wedding, I don’t think about the fantastic food, the pretty flowers, the cute props – I think about the people that were there, the love they shared and showed that day, and the warmth that surrounded them.  Don’t let anyone tell you your wedding isn’t pretty enough – if it’s got love, there’s nothing else it needs.

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